The Earth’s oceans are all connected to one another just as we connect with other humans across the globe. There are five recognized oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern.

There are also many seas (smaller branches of an ocean); seas are often partly enclosed by land. The largest seas are the South China Sea, the Caribbean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

International Coastal Cleanup Day is celebrated on September 25th of each year by 90 countries worldwide, including the United States. All along our coastlines, volunteers gather to remove trash and debris that litters our beaches and enter our oceans.

Mythological creatures like mermaids, are a strange combination of human and animal characteristics, symbolic of our own humanity. The human portion represents our ability to reason, while the animal portion represents the primal qualities of our bodies that are deeply connected to our passions, emotions, and desires. Inasmuch as you look at these creatures this way, they represent something that is true–

If you were a Mermaid/Merman what would your name be and why? HOW would you help to keep our Oceans clean and safe for all marine life creatures?


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